urban fusion fitness instructor

Since life is a spectator sport, D’Juan believes that it’s not only what you get out of it as much as it is what you put into it. Speaking on the topic of inertia, activation, generation, and implementation, his family name is Watts, which in essence carries along with it a “RE”sponsability to respond to the areas that need re-activation, re-conciliation, re-committment, and re-dedication to the areas of quality in life that support the enrichment to our youth, and the significance in why it’s so crucial to be family oriented so that as a community, we become more conscious of who and what is around us!


Being a long lost veteran to the fair city of Inglewood, D’Juan spent his younger years as captain on the a squad called “The Sparkkids” for WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks in the early 1990’s- cheering at all home games at the Great Western Forum here in this city of champions. His passion is to be an ambassador to young people and show them that there is a lot of value in striving to become a role-model for their peers and generate a custom amongst us that promotes “healthy” competition- paving the way for innovation to thrive “vigorously”, freely!

With accolades and credentials in education for almost 17 years, D’Juan’s field of expertise resides in redevelopment; so with that being said, come one, come all to redirect your tension as you mention FUNK FUSION CARDIO FITNESS into the muscle memory of your central nervous system, and begin to notice results that will only enrich you as a nurturer as well as a caretaker for yourself, as well as countless others. Rejuvenation welcomes you!

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