A yoga studio built on community and love

In 2004, Kar Lee opened the doors to Crenshaw Yoga and Dance studio (CYD), offering a variety of yoga and dance classes to South LA residents off all ages, kids to seniors.  

The journey began in 2006 when she converted a 5,000 sq ft warehouse to 2 large studios as a haven for the South LA community providing karma, peace, safety, friendship and community.  Kar Lee built CYD for many reasons.  Yoga did not exist in South LA.  She introduced it to the community not only as a workout, but as a way to give solace and support to the community.   

Since its inception, CYD has brought wellness to our community and we welcome you to join us on this journey to enlightenment! 

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Gongphoria – Sound Bath Session (Mind Body Music Concert)
Soul Yoga Flow
New Trap Yoga (Warm Room) with Kisa
Plyojam Fitness Class (Tuesday)
Aroma Flow
Same Day – New Time 7-8:15pm Thursday’s $15/class