Mike Michaud

deep yoga instructor

I’ve been teaching Yoga for over ten years. I began the practice, after a major hip surgery left me depressed and immobile. I found Yoga to be the most powerful element in my personal resurrection, and took me well beyond the physical healing. So what is it I do exactly? I teach a very specific yoga practice that involves body/mind consciousness, full investment in breathing, and deep/slow movement within and through-out the body. Using an ancient breathing technique called Ojai, and a series of Asanas, (postures), we explore the hidden realms of this organism you call, your “body”. Like an explorer discovering new lands you will find new life emerging in places you thought long dead. Old injuries begin to heal, tension melts away, chronic aches and pains disappear. Joints move with glide and ease. Muscles feel supple and strong. One feels a sense of “spaciousness” in one’s body, as the nervous system becomes balanced, and the mind less constricted. Above all, you will leaves class with a “lightness of being, that deep serenity that comes from being relaxed in your own body, and the world in which that body lives. These benefits are not esoteric, and can be felt after only one class. So come on down and Feel the Heal! Keep smiling…

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