Pam terry

stretch/yoga instructor

Stretch is the operative word for this class! This class spends the first 45 minutes of the 90 minute class…on our mats and on our backs…rotating through 20 basic yoga poses…stretching/strengthening every body part possible!  We step thru reclining, kneeling & standing poses all modified and executed on our backs to encourage increased flexibility & strength…. preparing our bodies for the standard execution whether reclining, kneeling, or standing.

STRETCH/Yoga incorporates the 3 components of yoga; Body, Mind, & Spirit.  Over time students learn to focus less on Yoga Teacher’s pose instructions (BODY) ) and more on Student/Self evaluation (MIND)  of body parts, movement, & breathing patterns. Students are then ready to move to the next level…exploring a personal spiritual practice (SPIRIT). Humor and camaraderie form the framework of this class. If this matches your yoga objectives…..PLEASE JOIN US!!! 

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